Stonework Glazing

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Repair and restoration to Stonework Glazing

K.G. Bell Ltd is a family company of specialist glaziers that has been passed down through the family since 1978. We are skilled and experienced in stonework glazing restoration.  Based in Neston in Cheshire we work across a wide area including Wirral, Liverpool, Merseyside, Manchester, Warrington, Preston, Northwich, Wrexham, North Wales and throughout the UK.

What is Stonework Glazing?

Traditional stonework windows and their glazing were constructed with incredible skill and creativity. Often found in listed buildings, churches, cathedrals, old hospitals, town halls, clock towers and and older buildings, stonework glazing is glass that is set directly into the stonework with no timber frame. Stone tracery in windows is the stone bars, ribs, mullions and other supports between sections of glass which can be decorative or plain.

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Glazing into stonework is a specialist service offered by K.G. Bell Ltd.

The loss of traditional windows from our older buildings poses a major threat to our British heritage. Our team of master glaziers are experts in repairs and restorations of stonework glazing without damaging the stone. We would need to carry out an initial site survey to assess the condition of the glazing in the stonework and make our recommendations from that point.

On-Site Repairs to Stonework Glazing

It is not always necessary to remove the glazing completely. In some cases, stonework glazing can be repaired on site with minimal disruption. We will need to carry out a detailed survey to assess the damage and make our recommendations. Minor damage can sometimes be fixed in-situ including:

Stonework Glazing Specialists

Repairs and restorations of stonework glazing in listed or older buildings a speciality.

Glazing into stonework is a specialist service offered by K. G. Bell Ltd.

The gallery below show some of the most recent projects of glazing into stonework from K.G. Bell Ltd. 

Stonework Glazing

When steel bars have been fixed into stonework with mortar, they can expand and rust over time causing terrible damage to the stonework. This deterioration can be intensified by the use of modern cement pointing. However, with our expertise K.G. Bell can match your stonework with a suitable aggregate and lime mortar providing a long-term solution to your stonework glazing repair.

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K.G. Bell Ltd of Neston on the Wirral/Cheshire border are specialists in the repair, restoration, and bespoke creation and installation of stained glass windows and  leaded lights. We can often provide initial quotes for repair work via email from clear photographs. If you would like more information, please contact us on 0151 336 6020 or email with your requirements.